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  [ Global Times Reporter Fan Lingzhi Liu Xin ] Recently, reporters from "Global Times" interviewed foreign media and organizations such as the "New York Times" and "International Investigative Journalists Union" to publish distorted reports on Xinjiang and interviewed the spokesperson of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government . A press spokesman said that reports released by overseas media and organizations such as the New York Times and the International Investigative Journalists Union are purely maliciously distorting and discrediting the Xinjiang Education Center and counter-terrorism and depolarization work. We express our strong dissatisfaction and determination Against. The press spokesman responded to relevant issues that the media are more concerned about.  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: Deliberately denigrating the human rights situation in Xinjiang, China is a serious violation of international law!
  According to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po, the 8 men and 3 women ( aged 20 to 63 ) arrested were the most brutal members of the "dragon-slaying squad" among the most extreme demonstrators.
  Hong Kong Baptist University Student Union Fang Zhongxian detained for 48 hours   Citizens of Luzhou, Anhui have been expecting an airport there for many years.
binance wallet extension for chrome  11 Yue 12 Ri 16 , the elapsed 330 blockade Construction minutes, Chang Jiangxi Nanchang Railway introduction of high-speed rail hub project completed. It is expected to be operational by the end of December this year .
  According to the "Flight International" ( Flight, Ltd. Free Join ) Website 7 Yue 11 reported that Virgin Atlantic Airways on track 7 Yue 10 daily Boeing 747-400 aircraft will carry a rocket to over m of altitude, and the successful release It landed in the planned area and made another step towards the realization of high-altitude satellite launch services.
  Introducing the ice hockey to the martial arts school to make a bold attempt, it is even more welcome to be accepted and loved by the children, but the current conditions of the martial arts school are limited. Because there is no ice rink, children have always been in the dry land to contact the basic skills of ice hockey. Zhang Shanghang is somewhat worried:
  Alas, Italy was once a big country, but now the whole country is turned around by a little Mao child. Brother Dao doesn't know whether to mourn its misfortune or anger it.binance wallet extension for chrome  Multiple vehicles trapped in sudden debris flow around Xinzhou City, Shanxi




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