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  Original title: Lin Wu served as Shanxi's acting governor  When talking about the national agricultural product quality and safety routine monitoring plan, Cheng Jingen said that routine monitoring is a kind of risk monitoring. Since the system was launched in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Shenzhen in 2001 , the system has undergone five adjustments to form a relatively complete and mature monitoring system. At present, every year on a quarterly basis for the country 31 provinces, 153 of vegetables cities of fruit, tea, livestock products and aquatic products 5 categories 108 large fresh produce a daily consumption of 130 parameters to be monitored.  Readers broke the news that afternoon 5 o'clock to see this scene, Joshua Wong and Luoguan Cong to Ed performance was "very respectful", like to see the big boss, he felt very upset and angry. Huang Zhifeng responded to this on a social networking site saying that at that time, he was only discussing the legislative process of the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Law" and asked the United States to stop exporting tear gas and rubber bullets to Hong Kong police.

  The second is to promote positive progress in funding issues. Zhao Yingmin said that the biggest problem facing the current climate multilateral process is the lack of political will to provide support in developed countries. Many funds with different names have been labeled with the "climate" label for double counting. We hope that developed countries will provide developing countries with sufficient, continuous, and timely support in a transparent, predictable, and public funding-based manner, including fulfilling their commitments to provide developing countries with $ 100 billion in climate funding each year by 2020 . On this basis, it proposes goals, roadmaps and timetables for strengthening financial support to developing countries, while at the same time effectively improving the transparency of financial support.   It's just that the fear now is more of that unknown result.
  There are currently 262 resource-based cities in the country, of which 126 are prefecture-level cities, which is close to half of the total number of prefecture-level cities in the country. This shows that the transformation of resource-based cities is not only related to the "fate" of individual cities, but also to the development ecology of the entire Chinese city, and to the quality of the entire society. ethereum meta koers  2019 Nian 11 Yue 25 Ri  This year 1 Yue 14 days, Mayor of Tianjin Zhang Guoqing in his government work report that 2018 by Tianjin significantly accelerated the pace of talent cited education, "the Haihe excellence" action plan to introduce all kinds of talents 13.3 million people, average age 31 years, of which skills 47,000 qualified and qualified personnel . In the government's work report's 2019 work goals and main tasks, Zhang Guoqing once again referred to the "Haihe Talents" action plan: "To create new advantages of attracting talents and gathering talents. In-depth implementation of the Haihe Talents action plan, focusing on strategic emerging Industry, focus on 'team + project', and nurture a large number of high-level talents in urgent need. "   Reference News Network 8 Yue 5 reported Russian media said the Information Services Department of the Russian Ministry of Energy announced that the Chinese demand for Russian coal is relatively large, export volume will rise.

  In the evening of the 16th , a large number of thugs continued to destroy and advanced to Granville Road. The thugs burned debris along the way and threw a lot of petrol bombs at police officers, journalists and ordinary citizens. On the morning of the 17th , a lot of thugs still occupied Kowloon Austin. Road and Chatham Road south, illegally blocked the road and threw petrol bombs.
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