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  Russian Deputy Prime Minister Office 7 Yue 29 announcement that Russia Joint Aviation Manufacturing Group subsidiary Sukhoi company is already in production fifth-generation fighter Su -57 . United States, "Popular Mechanics" magazine 7 Yue 29 Journal article reported the matter, saying Su -57 "mysterious" price reduction of 20% . On August 1 , Russian media stated that the United States was interested in the "cheap" Su- 57 .
  Original title: Kaifeng Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Revocation of "Cancellation of Sales Restriction" Decision to Recall Related Letters

  According to the Ministry of Education website 11 Yue 18 news, in order to implement this year's government work report and the "national vocational education reform plan," "the State Council on the issuance of vocational skills upgrading program of action ( 2019 - 2021 years) the notice" about the deployment, promote Vocational colleges provide training to the society and expand employment. The 14 departments , including the Ministry of Education, jointly issued the Action Plan for Vocational Colleges to Launch Vocational Training to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). The "Action Plan" addresses the prominent problems in the current vocational training of vocational colleges, and proposes key tasks and policy measures to promote vocational colleges to comprehensively carry out vocational training, emphasizing the need to give full play to the advantages of vocational education resources and strengthen the institutions and Teachers' initiative, mobilize the enthusiasm of trainees, carry out large-scale and high-quality vocational training for all workers, especially key populations and areas where skills and skills are in short supply, and accelerate the formation of a school structure that places equal emphasis on academic education and training. Strong support for quality and fuller employment. wifi tether apk root  "Uchin Sea"  From a constitutional perspective, the Basic Law is a programmatic legal document for the central government to define the status of the Macao Special Administrative Region. It refines and regulates the great concept of "one country, two systems" and the country's policy toward Macao in the form of laws. The smooth return and continuous development of the Special Administrative Region provide strong legal guarantees.   The picture shows the on-site pendulum orthopedic surgery tool. Photo courtesy of Baotou City Supervision and Administration Bureau Photo courtesy of Baotou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau   Thinking about it, "Practice Punishment Rules for Primary and Middle School Teachers (Draft for Comment)" was announced today. The consultation draft empowers teachers by strictly defining the scope of punishment and escalating punishment methods. At the same time, it defines the boundaries of teachers' responsibility in the process of discipline through the provision of several "punishment taboos". Such fine disciplinary rules can be seen as clearly realistic and relevant. If it can be implemented, it is certainly a good thing. The problems reflected in the open letter may also be effectively resolved.

  The trend has not changed for a long time, and it will continue to maintain stable and healthy development  The management committee of the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang Research Institute stated in the above-mentioned "Announcement": Tourists and travel agencies are requested to carefully understand Mogao Grottoes' tourism related policies, accurately determine the visit plan, pay close attention to the opening dynamics, and reserve tickets in advance to avoid Ticket limits affect the itinerary.
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